Monday, February 14, 2011

Home Brew Kegger in Ellensburg, WA.

Feb. 14th 2011

Some day I'd like to open a brewery. It's that dream that I have, that I'll do, when I win the lotto. Most other people will say travel, or buy a house. I'm with that third group, start a business. So in preparation for such dreams I'd like to stay proactive. This last weekend I threw a very successful Home Brew Kegger. I found out that people generally are proud of beer brewed near to them. And they are very honest about the beer when you're at a place as informal as a Kegger. Generally everyone liked the T-Rex Amber Ale and Backwards Brewery's IPA. The Nut Brown Ale came in third, and was disliked next to the others. All in All I believe this was a great start to public awareness of Nilrod Home Brewery and Backwards Brewery.

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