Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello My Name is Beer Home Brewery

Dec 21st 2010

Hello, My Name is Beer: Belgian Wit Brew Day Dec. 19th 2010
 In above Photo Left: Matt, Right: Keith

And their brand new immersion chiller

Check out these guys at Word Press. I was fortunate enough to be able to brew with Keith and Matt this last weekend.

We started the Brew at 3pm and finished up around 6pm. Of course I left right before clean up started, but not before they revealed the final gravity.

Beer stats
Type of Beer: Belgian Wit
Starting Gravity: 1.060
Recipe: Partial
Batch Size: 6 Gal
Hops: US Goldings at 40 min and some German Hallertau at 20 min.

The recipe is a secret but I can say that it had flaked wheat, pale liquid malt extract, Chicory, Coriander, Irish Moss, and Belgian Wit Wyeast #3944, Hops: US Goldings and German Hallertau
The flaked wheat was seeped in boiling water for about an hour then rinsed and discarded.
They look like little turkeys ready for an Ompa Lumpa Thanksgiving.

+_-_+~~***THE BOIL***~~+_-_+
And 60 min later
Cooling the wort with the immersion chiller. I admit that the immersion chiller did an amazing job. It cooled the wort about 3gals in just under 20min. There is a reason why these have been used for so long. I could feel the hot water running out of the exit line. It felt like a very good efficiency. I'll take a temp reading next time. When the wort was 68F we...
Strain off the Trub

And Add water to make 6 gals

I really like the color that is coming out at the end of this. It's a pale/blonde color (it gets more blonde as it's diluted). There was a t-spoon of Irish moss added at 40 mins that should help to clean out any of the haze in this brew. Giving a nice color with good transparency. I can't wait til I get a taste of it.

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  1. Love the pics! It was a good time joining our efforts and making a fabulous beer. Recently,the beer has just finished a good, long and healthy fermentation period of 6 days. It is now conditioning and clearing up nicely.

    Also, the Hops weren't forgotten... how could anyone forget such a delicious ingredient? We had an addition of US Goldings at 40 min and some German Hallertau at 20 min.

    Happy Holidays, Matt